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American Kenpo Karate is a study in the science of motion, with roots in Chinese martial arts. It is a system of teaching movement and combat skills that has been designed to be tailored to the individual practitioner. A thinking man’s martial art, this system was founded and developed in the 1950s in Pasadena by Senior Grand Master Ed Parker.

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How We Teach

Our Teaching Philosophy

The teachers here at SoCal Kenpo Karate are dedicated to each student’s growth, and tailor the Kenpo system to every person’s needs. We are focused on developing good technique within each student, and teach a progressively challenging system of self defense for children, teens, and adults. Our instructors

Our Mission

SoCal Kenpo Karate is committed to offering realistic martial arts training in a safe and controlled environment. Our teachers strive to provide excellent Kenpo instruction to all students, regardless of age, gender, or creed. We aim to help our students develop the skills and confidence necessary to navigate all matters successfully, on and off the mats.

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"Hello Justin,
 Watching you work with And speak from your heart to Elliot is a gift that I am so very grateful for. When you work with him you have such calm clarity and gentle command of the situation.   I have my own wisdom and love to share with him and guidance to give but I  can not speak to him with the same words and wisdom that he gets from you. I am eternally grateful for your tutelage. It is not often that we find people who can speak and work in the words and ways that touch us deeply but you have a gift to speak with and teach children’s spirits. Thank you! You make a HUGE difference in Elliot’s life."  

Elliot's Mom

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