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How We Teach

Our Teaching Philosophy

The teachers here at SoCal Kenpo Karate are dedicated to each student’s growth, and tailor the Kenpo system to every person’s needs. We are focused on developing good technique within each student, and teach a progressively challenging system of self defense for children, teens, and adults. Our instructors build on a student’s natural strengths and also work to improve areas where the student feels less confident. Through mastery of self defense skills, students continuously develop their bodies and minds.

Our Approach to Teaching Children

Our experienced teachers engage kids (ages 5 to 10) with private lessons and group classes that are both fun and challenging. Students develop self confidence, learn to express themselves through movement, and practice in a nurturing environment. We develop a relationship with each student, and work with parents to provide a structured introduction to the Kenpo system.

Our Approach to Teaching Teens

Teen students (ages 11 to 16) can be starting to learn Kenpo or continuing their training, building on solid foundations. Our private lessons and group classes for teens focus on developing a student’s self discipline and self control. Refinement of technique, laying a path to mastery of skills, and a deeper understanding of the concepts of contact fighting are the focus for teen students at our dojo. Our teachers also look at the overall development of the adolescent, and will often encourage teen students to stay disciplined in their school work.. Advanced teen students may be asked to assistant teach, which helps them become better martial artists. Our teen students see personal growth in other areas of their lives outside of Kenpo karate.

Our Approach to Teaching Adults

For adults (ages 17+), we teach a high level of contact fighting. Adult students learn techniques, forms, and sparring in private lessons. In group lessons, students focus on conditioning and work with others to learn how to use self defense techniques in real life situations. Anyone who is sincere about learning Kenpo and has a good work ethic will be able to master necessary skills.

We provide clear and accessible instruction in Kenpo, and help our students thrive. Our supportive community of teachers, students, and parents work together in the spirit of health, vitality, and friendship.

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