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American Kenpo

American Kenpo Karate is a study in the science of motion, with roots in Chinese martial arts. It is a system of teaching movement and combat skills that has been designed to be tailored to the individual practitioner. A thinking man’s martial art, this system was founded and developed in the 1950s in Pasadena by Senior Grand Master Ed Parker.

     Grand Master Larry Tatum, a protégé of Ed Parker, began studying Kenpo at the founder’s original Pasadena dojo in 1966. With over 45 years of teaching experience, Grand Master Tatum is recognized as the foremost authority in American Kenpo and has affiliate schools in 37 different countries. He is the author of three books on Kenpo, and has created a complete Kenpo video library. In 2017, Grand Master Larry Tatum hand selected his students Carlos Alvarez, Bing Yeh, and Justin Barra to become senior teachers and passed down his headquarter dojo in Sierra Madre, California to them.

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